Traktor F1 - Ableton drum rack mapping + pitchbend

Description and Instructions

I've seen that a lot of people couldn't find a mapping to use the F1 to control the drum racks on Ableton so I basically made one.

An image is worth a thousand words :
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Comments for v0.1.0
Gregory almost 2 years ago
Hi there! Guys, please, help with this. How can i do that?? I have latest version ableton 9.6
Enrique Adam about 3 years ago
I don't know how I can install it and I even don't know how I can make it works :( It's my first time in Ableton and all I want is finger drumming :,(
LukeH almost 4 years ago
I couldn't figure out how to map my pads to the drum rack so I really appreciate this mapping!
Phoenix Kraundler about 4 years ago
Can someone update this mapping? I also want to use F1 for drum sequencer in Ableton. I will like to have mapping similar to the drum sequencer on Ableton push. Thanks!
Ote//o about 4 years ago

Although I'm pretty sure it's doable, I'm not sure it would really be productive. I'm afraid the small size of the F1 and so ultimately it's lack of buttons (compared to other controllers people usually used for step sequencing in ableton - push, launchpad, akai apc) could be a problem, even though the 16 pads, if used correctly, could be sufficient.

Samuel over 4 years ago
i can't get any sound from ableton, the mapping is loaded up in ableton tho. any help ? :)
Ote//o over 4 years ago

I guess there are a couple of possibilities (I know they may seem simple but better safe than sorry haha) : First one is that your samples aren't in the right notes. The second one being that the input isn't working (for this case, how I usually solve it is click on "view" in the upper part of the screen and check "in/out". Then in the arrangement view click on the drum rack you want to control, "unscroll it" (I can't find any other word for this) and on the right you'll have the inputs, and choose your traktor F1. Finally check that you've activated the F1 for the drum rack (when you click on the thingy and it turns red lol). PS : I'm very bad at explaining things like this, so if this doesn't help you that much, just tell me and I'll try to fix this through skype or something

ssul about 2 years ago

ote//o how i can contact with you?