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VCM-100 White Rabbit Mapping

Description and Instructions

4 Fx units with adjustable knobs, dry/wet knobs for both fx banks, loop sizing buttons, fast forward/rewind, pitch bending, and more.

Modify it as you like... I only need 4 fx (2 for each deck + 1 filter knob for each deck), but to each their own. 
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.1.3
skyssa over 10 years ago
Please note - I enabled soft takeover for most modifier-buttons and knobs...you can change this in the midi controller settings if it's not your style. (This means if a dial is at zero in Traktor, you bring the physical dial to the same spot as the virtual dial. this is useful so that if you toggle out of effects mode for a second, you won't blast your gain out or mess up your high EQ.)
kenwaldek about 7 years ago

thanks for this mapping, works like a charm and i still love my ow let say 10 year old vcm-100 that is a bit modified big knows and so on.