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Single remix deck in midi mode

Description and Instructions

This is my first mapping. It's aimed at people who might want to have a go on a remix deck, but won't necessarily want to buy an F1 (yet). 
Once the remix decks were unlocked for mapping I thought I'd give it a go.  Rather than shelling out for an F1, you can try this first, to see if you will actually USE an F1.  I don't for one minute think it's much of a substitute, but it'll give you an idea.  I'm not suggesting it's ready to use in public.

Go to the Controller manager, add, import.  It imports it as a generic midi device (accessible via the shift + shift function) so you should be able to use it along side your favourite mapping in native mode.

I've also included a configuration file which will need to be loaded into the Controller editor (so you don't need to hit each button twice to trigger a slot).

The jog wheels are mapped to filters for decks A and B

Remix Deck C is mapped.  

You'll have to load the remix deck using your keyboard or mouse (I might look at adding this function later)

Not all functions are available, but these are:
Selecting pages
Triggering samples on all 4 pages
Filters on each slot individually 
Faders for each individual slot
Play/Stop all slots

If there are any functions of the F1 that you feel need to be included let me know.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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