Ableton Spectra Clip Launch

Description and Instructions

This is a basic clip launcher for the Spectra that works in Ableton 9.0.4.

It as largely based on the original MF3D Launcher done my ghztomash.

A document explaining how to use the script is included in the download.

I hope you all enjoy!!!
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Comments for v1.0.0
DJ C.A.O.Z. over 10 years ago
How do I import this in Ableton?
Adam Dittmar over 10 years ago
how do i use this in ableton after i download?
João Barros over 10 years ago

Would like to know too ^^

John Bradford over 10 years ago
The left 1,2,3 and right 1 buttons aren't moving the clip launching box. What should I have those buttons set to in the MF Utility?
Nik almost 11 years ago
Does this mapping work with the latest version of Live 8?
ghztomash almost 11 years ago
Thank you sir! YOU saved my day. I still could't find a way how to make those work in Live 9
Michael Couture almost 11 years ago

I should be thanking you!! I wouldn't have figured a lot of this out without looking at your work as a template.