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Ableton Spectra Clip Launch

Description and Instructions

This is a basic clip launcher for the Spectra that works in Ableton 9.0.4.

It as largely based on the original MF3D Launcher done my ghztomash.

A document explaining how to use the script is included in the download.

I hope you all enjoy!!!
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
DJ C.A.O.Z. over 8 years ago
How do I import this in Ableton?
Adam Dittmar almost 9 years ago
how do i use this in ableton after i download?
João Barros almost 9 years ago

Would like to know too ^^

John Bradford about 9 years ago
The left 1,2,3 and right 1 buttons aren't moving the clip launching box. What should I have those buttons set to in the MF Utility?
Nik about 9 years ago
Does this mapping work with the latest version of Live 8?
ghztomash over 9 years ago
Thank you sir! YOU saved my day. I still could't find a way how to make those work in Live 9
Michael Couture over 9 years ago

I should be thanking you!! I wouldn't have figured a lot of this out without looking at your work as a template.