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Two Akai LPD8 controllers - used as virtual decks

Description and Instructions

I decided to begin using Akai LPD8 controllers as virtual decks, to remove the need of connecting to - and disconnecting from - CDJs at the start and need of each set.

For consistency, it's great - even though I'm certain that this kind of use was most certainly not the purpose of the controller, during its design phase.

Need To Know

Right, so, given the title of this mapping, it should be pretty clear that you're going to need two Akai LPD8 units - one represents each "deck".

With the controllers, you will receive Akai MIDI software which will allow you to configure the MIDI output channel for each control.

For my left Akai controller, I have assigned each "program" (there are four) to channels 1-4.

For my right Akai controller, I have assigned each "program" (again, there are four) to channels 9-12.

It's important that you do this, otherwise the mapping will not work as intended.
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Comments for v0.1.0
Valentin over 5 years ago
Hi, Could you be more specific for the actual mapping? I intend to use it for Traktor too. What soundcard do you use? Thank you!
Brendan Clay over 5 years ago

Valentin, For what kind of additional information are you seeking? This mapping is for Serato, but feel free to take my lead on the mapping and assign the same controls within Traktor. I use a Rane SL3.