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Quneo Traktor 2.6 Mapping (2 Decks + EFX, Rotary Faders)

Description and Instructions

Note: You definitely want to make sure your tempo control button's resolution is set to "fine" if it isn't already.

Download file includes:

- Quneo Editor Preset
- Traktor Pro 2.6 TSI file
- Additional simple 2 channel EQ mapping for Kontrol X1 for mixer-less use cases.
- Legends in the form of images for each mapping.

I created this to be able to play a simple mixed set at the drop of a hat while carrying minimal gear with me.  The Quneo mapping does not have EQ's embedded, but could be used nicely in external mixer mode with Traktor Pro.

I, however, also have and enjoy using an X1, so I've included the mapping I use for impromptu jam sessions here as well.

Other than what's included here, you should be able to play a proper 2 deck set with efx and no mixer with these two controllers combined with any 2 channel+ audio device.

Video forthcoming.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
slaminA over 7 years ago
hey dude! the deck rotary isnt working :/ but the rest is super nice! thanks a lot for this mapping! cheers
Marcos Milos over 7 years ago
mapping looks good man! Have you thought about using the rhombus to shift/switch over to control the eqs?
arrjaytea over 7 years ago

Yup! I'm actually going to be uploading an update to this mapping today - there were some items I removed from the original preset that I wound up missing, and I think I'm going to go the route of two mappings - one a bit more complex with channel EQ's, and the other a bit more focused on controllerism rather than a mixer. Definitely a work in progress, far from perfect, but it's been a lot of fun. Cheers for checking it out!

Kiedo about 7 years ago

How did your other mapping presets come along?