Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Almost Working (DJ Ra1n edit) (djdhiva edit)

Description and Instructions

This mapping is an improved version of DarkChris's mapping. The VU meters are working, the platters are working in vinyl mode and the filters are working. As of now, Pad Trans, Auto Loop and Manual Loop does not work. If anyone wants to map the looping, please feel free to do so. Feedback is always welcomed and remember to like it if you do and dislike it if you thought it sucked. :)

One thing to note in the demo video is that Pad Trans does not work and the TSI file does not include the button VU meter. The only reason I had it was because I experimented with a SB mapping and didn't get around to deleting it until I uploaded the mapping to DJTT.

EDIT: Some people have been asking why don't their master volume and headphone volume work, it's because the knobs are hardware based and don't output midi messages. To control the volume on your controller, set the volume of both the headphone and master in the Traktor software TO THE MAXIMUM. Then control the volume from your controller.
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