Akai APC Mini Traktor Rich 2 Decks A&B

Description and Instructions

Hi all, I make this map to have a great portable traktor controller with Akai APC Mini (MK1)
Functions included:

-In the top You can control Eq (Gain, Low, Mid, High) 
Yellow line (:0) You can quickly reset to initial Zero positions

-In the mid You have 8 Cues for each Deck (Shift+Cue= Delete Cue)

-Loop line with Loop In , Loop Out and Loop Zize + - for each Deck A&B

-Cue, Loop Set, Reverse and Forward for quickly search

-Play/Pause, Start Pos 0 (Seel Pos 0), And Pich Bend 

-Round Buttoms activate on/off Monitor (Cue), Sync, Filter and FX1 & FX2
-Faders control

-Volume / FX1 Knob
-Tempo / FX2 Knob
-Filter / FX3 Knob
9th Fader control: 
-Master Volumen / Monitor Volume 

Right side round buttoms (Scene Launch)  Activate Effects FX1A to FX3B  (This is for use with 2 FX Slots)
With Shift You can reset FX to initial positions 

I recommend open Ableton and close with APC Mini conected to reset controller previous open Traktor.

Tested bye me, If You have doubts please coment.


Happy 2024!
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