Centripetal's "Versatile" Mapping

Description and Instructions

The Novation Twitch MIDI controller is one of the best controllers I have ever used, especially in the realms of functionality, development insight, and innovation. Of course, the Twitch is certainly not flawless; there are issues with output levels, mechanical issues (i.e. the worst knobs on the planet), and, the item that provoked me to make this mapping, a seemingly lack of interest in making an efficient mapping for Traktor users.

To rectify this, I wanted to build a mapping that was as efficient as possible, while also using the wondrous amount MIDI complexity, to create a vastly versatile MIDI map that provides practically anything a DJ needs during a performance of varying styles(hence the title “Versatile” I have given the map). I hope you agree that this mapping is very versatile and effective in providing almost any feature you need during a performance.

For the graphical guide, Word guide, layover pictures, and layover Photoshop Files for personal mapping modification (both courtesy of bascurtiz), download this .rar file: http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/51124533/file.html

For information on how the included example layout picture was made, redirect to 

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.9.8
Justin Miranda about 10 years ago
It only downloads as an .xml file and changing the file name does not work. Help?
Selfdom over 10 years ago
Seriously, indly asking help to get the new .tsi file. Downloading only xml and package .rar file has no included .tsi with it. Thanks !!
tobott over 10 years ago

You should be able to just change the extension from .xml to .tsi and then import it.

Jovan about 10 years ago

Thank you ^

Roland about 10 years ago

i changeed the extension from .xml to .tsi but it's greyed out on my mac, so i'm not allowed to import it into traktor. help please! Thanks

Jovan over 10 years ago
It keeps downloading as an xml file? Traktor takes tsi. Help please
Selfdom over 10 years ago

Same Here ! Any ways to get the .tsi ?

Matt over 10 years ago
Real nice mapping.Works well for me. Thanks
Not_Sean over 10 years ago
Hey man ! ! Please Email me on Not_Sean@Yahoo.com Wanna chat with you on this mapping. You FX Section on the controller is PERFECT ! ! but wanna know how you did a few of the other things and if you might be able to help me with my twitch mapping I'm making. Also why is it when filter is enabled the volume sliders don't function ?!