Sleepy Circuits Hypno Mapping v1

Description and Instructions

For use controlling Sleepy Circuits Hypno back page menus and functionality

Bank 1 - Columns 1 & 2 control OSC A, columns 3 & 4 control OSC B

Bank 2 - Columns 1 & 2 control Video Page A, columns 3 & 4 control Video Page B

Bank 3 - Feedback controls

Bank 4 - empty

All push buttons can save and/or load presets
Left side buttons are Banks 1-3 from top to bottom
Right side buttons are Bank Up, Bank 1, Bank Down from top to bottom

**Main page frequency controls were intentionally left out to use Hypno on board control
*** Frequency Modulation Gain from A>B and B>A have been reversed intentionally. (I find that when working with OSC A, I prefer to have FM mod gain FROM B in a column reserved for OSC A and vice versa)
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