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Papermaster's Cue Point Mapping

Description and Instructions

Here is the most inclusive and intuitive cue mapping for Native Instrument’s Traktor Kontrol F1.

This mapping is designed for use with 4 track decks and allows you to place hotcues, load cues, loop cues and fade cues for Traktor’s Cruise mode.



1. Load the .nckf1 file into the Native Instruments controller editor (not the controller editor in Traktor): Open the editor and choose your F1. Then click “edit” on the right side and append the .nckf1 file.

2. Backup your own Traktor controller mappings (if necessary), because they will be overwritten in the next step. Use the "Export" button in the preferences.

3. Load the .tsi file into the Traktor controller editor (not the Native Instruments controller editor) with the BIG “Import” button (at the bottom of the Traktor preferences). Check if the “In-Port” and “Out-Port” is set to your "Kontrol F1".

4. In the Traktor preferences, in the “Traktor Kontrol F1” tab, switch the “MIDI Mode Type” to “MIDI Mode”.

5. Restore your own controller mappings from step 2 (if necessary). Now use the SMALL "Import" button. (Traktor Preferences -> Controller Manager -> Add... -> Import)

*Borrowed from Tekken's F1 Ultimate FX Mapping Installation section



To accesses the mapping hold the SHIFT button and then press the BROWSE button to switch to MIDI mode.


The SHIFT, SYNC and QUANT buttons should be lit along with two full rows of green highlighted pads and two full rows of yellow highlighted pads beneath the green ones.





The SYNC and QUANT buttons operate the global features SNAP and QUANTIZE which can usually be seen under the MAIN level knob in Traktor. SYNC, when lit, means the SNAP function is enabled. This means the cue points and loops will “snap” to the closest beat mark when you place them. The QUANT button, when lit, means the QUANTIZE function is on. This allows for “beat accurate skipping between cue points”



The SHIFT buttons switches between Pages 1 and 2. Page 2 contains the controls for track decks C and D


Hot cues

Each highlighted pad corresponds with a hot cue. The cues are ordered across the rows four. For example the green pads, which control deck A, are ordered: 1,2,3,4 in the first row (going across) and 5,6,7,8 in the second row beneath the first row. The same is true for decks B,C, and D. The controls for deck B are found in Yellow in the third and fourth rows of page one. Decks C and D are accessed by pressing the SHIFT button. The cue points for Deck C are in Navy Blue in the first two rows of page two and Deck D is in the bottom two rows of page two on the Aqua Blue pads



To DELETE a cue point of ANY type hold the REVERSE button and the pad that corresponds to the cue you wish to delete.



To change the type of the last placed cue point use the MUTE buttons along the bottom of the controller. To set a LOAD cue point press the FIRST MUTE button. To set a LOOP cue point press the SECOND MUTE button. To set a FADE IN cue point press the THIRD MUTE button. To set a FADE OUT cue point press the FOURTH MUTE button. THIS WILL ONLY WORK FOR DECKS A AND C. To access these features for decks B and D toggle the TYPE button and then press the MUTE button that corresponds to the desired cue point type. Then deselect the TYPE button.



The Encoder is used to select the size of a loop. On page one turn the Encoder to change the size of loops for Deck A or Hold the Type button to change Deck B. On the second page the control works the same for Deck C loop control turn the encoder and for Deck D hold Type+ turn encoder. PRESS the Encoder to deactivate loops created by the loop cues (or other loop controls). Hold the Encoder down and use the MUTE buttons to toggle the loop active setting. The MUTE buttons are ordered as decks A,B,C,D. (The deactivate loop function was formerly preformed by using the capture button)

Please not that the LCD display next to the encoder does not accurately say what the loop size is. When it reads 0 it is at 1/32 and goes up by 10s so that 10= 1/16 and 50= 1 up to *00 which is 32 beats. If anyone can help me map this correctly I would appreciate that.



The Capture button is now used to toggle FLUX mode. When on the first page press the Capture button to turn Flux mode on for Deck A. Fro Deck B HOLD the TYPE button then press the Capture button. On the second page the control works the same for Deck C press Capture and for D hold Type+ press Capture.




When held the Browse button puts the browser in full screen mode and then allows the Encoder to be used to scroll through tracks. When holding the Browse button and pressing down on the encoder it will load the track to Deck A. When pressing Type and the encoder it will load the track to Deck B. Same thing works on the second page but with Deck C and Deck D respectively.


Faders and Knobs

The Faders and Knobs now have some added functionality to allow you to gain maximum control of your mix. Each Fader controls the Volume of a deck and the Knobs are…you guessed it the Filter. Keeping with the Loop Activate order the Faders and Knobs are alphabetically ordered for Decks A,B,C,D


I worked really hard at this mapping and I want it to work perfectly so let me know if there are any problems you are experiencing or ideas for improving the mapping. This is my first mapping attempt so I am sure there are some problems. 


If you like the mapping let me know by giving it a rating.




Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.3.0
darwin over 4 years ago
I tried this mapping and it doesn't allow me to set cue points. For some reason when I try creating a cue point it creates a duplicate cue point on top of another cue point but not where I want it. I"m I doing something wrong here?
DJRick almost 5 years ago
I'm a newB to mapping. I am trying to find a Mapping that lets you utilize the 8 Cue Points and the 4 sample, Loop buttons. this one sounds like it does exactly that which is why I am trying it. I'm following your directions and I do not seem to find anywhere the Append option. Unless this has been removed or moved somewhere else I do not see it. Please Help!! Thanks
Nathan Papermaster almost 5 years ago

I have not been keeping up with this as much as I want to but I think append may have been changed to the "open" command. I could be wrong though, like I said its been a while since I messed around with this. Hope this was helpful and that the mapping is like the one you're looking for!

Cole almost 5 years ago
Great mapping man. Totally love it & have been using it for a couple months now. One request: is it possible to activate the filter knobs once they have been moved from their indented middle position (in either direction), and then deactivate them once they return to that position? I am able to work the filters while they are activated; and I can return them to a 0% filter (middle indented position), but I noticed if the filter is active, even @ 0%, it will noticeably trim the track frequencies. Again, I love this mapping, and I do not have the knowledge base to know if this request is possible. But regardless, thank you! Love the ability to manipulate all 8 cue points on 4 decks so easily!
Nathan Papermaster almost 5 years ago

Glad you like the mapping! Im not sure if you can make it so the knob also acts as the on/off switch for the filter. I can maybe try playing around with it but Im not sure it would work. The one thing I could recommend is making sure your other controller isn't sending some sort of interfering signal. Or maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the mapping because it shouldn't be trimming it at all when its in the middle and the filter is on. Hope that helps

Cole almost 5 years ago

I am also using an S2 with my F1, so I will take a look at that. Thank you again!

Gh0$T almost 6 years ago
man i never comment on shit on the net but i have to tell you that this mapping really opened up the world of what was possible in traktor, even helped me to learn and understand the way mapping works. good looking out sharing this with the world, i def appreciate it
The DBH. about 6 years ago
Is there a way to map the F1 so you can setup say 30 loop hotcues, 1 for Grid and 1 for Load? Therefore utilising all 32 cues. Would be brilliant to be able to break the whole track down. Then release loops for breakdown and build up. Allowing you to bounce all through the track in track decks whilst its playing. Have a workflow sequence organised on the F1 making life alot easier?