Xone 4D, 2 Decks, 3 FX, 4 Loops, 4 Cuepoints, Browser RB (Heart Attack edit)

Description and Instructions

Mapping was built with this Tutorial:


Set Midi- Channel of Xone 4D to 15

If not shown others right = left

1. Install Rekordbox

               You need a Rekordbox Hardware unlock device or a Rekordbox Abonement

2. Install loopMidi:


               create virtual Midi device named PIONEER DDJ-SX 

3. Install Bome Midi Translator Pro


               load XONE4D to DDJ-SX.bmtb


4. Start Rekordbox

               Rekordbox recognize the virtual PIONEER DDJ-SX

               Midi Routing for PIONNEER DDJ-SX is loaded in the SW automatically

               import Midi mapping for XONE4D

               import Midi mapping for PIONEER DDJ-SX from the downloaded directory


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