STEM Splitter

Description and Instructions

WIP Mapping open for feedback

Inspired by the RANE FOUR's 'exclusive' STEM-SPLIT feature & Instant Doubles, I built this mapping using no modifiers as I eventually want to incorporate it into the brilliant S8 augmentation via Launchpad MK2 map (

FX Send used in lieu of Instant Gratification that's seen in software. FYI MixerFX will override the FX Send state.

It's mapped to a Novation Launchpad MK2 but ordered in a way to simplify transfer to other 64 pad layouts or to modify for smaller layouts.

Top Bank is the Source Deck (A/B) and retains Vocals. Deck C/D inherit the Instrumental Stems. You can restore the Source Deck to Vocal or Instrumental playhead using (row/column) Pad 1.3  or 5.2.

Basically Rows 1-4 in the Top Bank function as:
Duplicate & Prep*/Split/Restore A/Deactivate Loop
Hot Cue #2 as 8 Beat Loop/#3 as 8 Beat Loop/#4 as 8 Beat Loop/(trialing) Backward 2 Beat Loop & Decrement
Stems/Slot MUTE Toggle
FX Send Toggle

and Rows 1-4 in the Bottom Bank:
(visual fb)/Restore to A at C playhead/NULL/Deactivate Loop
Hot Cues #2 as 8 Beat Loop/#3 as 8 Beat Loop /#4 as 8 Beat Loop /(trialing) Backward 2 Beat Loop & Decrement
Stems/Slot MUTE Toggle
FX Send Toggle

*I prep the Instrumental Deck (duplicate and mute all) before splitting due to an observed lag in the Duplicate Deck feature.

Merry Christmas and let's all hope NI spits out some innovative (dare I say it modular) controller designs soon.

** Imagery & possibly a video to come.
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