Rekordbox and NI X1 mk2

Description and Instructions

Created using Rekordbox 6.6.6.

This is a midi mapping that I use with an external mixer (DJM 750mk2). It can be used to control decks A and B. You can't unfortunately use the touch strip to move the track as pioneer have locked the jog wheel mapping to their own controllers, but you can change pitch and pitch bend etc using Shift + Sync (Bend Down) and Flex (Bend Up) buttons on each deck. I also use it to switch between internal mode and DVS with Mode or Shift + Mode)

I haven't time to add instructions for each function at the moment but what I will say is you need to instal the accompanying NI Controller Editor Mapping for it to work. NI Controller Editor is a piece of standalone software.

When I have time I'll try and add a proper description of what all the buttons do. Have a play, should be obvious (also press shift to see what the buttons double up as)

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