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MSK's LED BPM Readout + Flux Toggle (mortezasalimi edit)

Description and Instructions

Really simple mapping that doesn't take away from standard functions, and does not change your layout settings.


  • LED BPM readout on channel LED (just above channel fader), which will display BPM taps individual to each track played. If in synch, all will flash in sync. If out of sync, you will clearly see it. I figured this would be the most logical place to put it, as it's in your usual workflow's field of view, and this LED strip is very bright.
  • Flux Toggles (only for A/B). These toggles for Flux Mode have been placed on the first trigger for Sample Deck (so sample trigger 1 on C/D for A/B respecively). While sacrificing a sample track, still allows for 3 samples to be triggered. 
This is what I use all the time and thought I should share its glory. If there's enough requests, I can update this to facilitate 4 decks layout or add new features. 
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
Nicolas 26 days ago
Is this really for the S4 Mk3 or have you accidentally listed it on the wrong controller?