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Rane Seventy A-Trak Signature Edition MIDI mapping

Description and Instructions

[========== Attention!!! ==========]

This mapping file is for A-Trak Signature Edition only!
The MIDI mappings for the standard version of Seventy and the A-Trak Signature Edition are different... probably...

  • Sync button not assigned → Assign Sync
  • Instant Double not assigned → Assign to [Shift + Load Deck]
  • Pitch Play assignment→Pitch Play assignment to each PAD in Transport sub-mode, [Shift + PAD] to select Pitch Play Cue Point, [Parameter] to select Pitch Play Range Up & Down
  • Slicer assignment → [Shift + Roll] for Slicer Loop Active, Slice assignment to each PAD in Roll sub-mode, [Shift + Parameter] for Slicer Repeat Interval Up & Down
  • Controller Shift Key assigned to [TAP]
  • Keylock Assign→[TAP + Parameter(Left)]
  • Quantize Assign→[TAP + Parameter(Right)]
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