TraktorPad 2022

Description and Instructions

TraktorPad 2022 - Launchpad Mini MK3 mapping for Traktor3 2022

Comprehensive 4 deck mapping (BYO mixer) for Traktor Pro with full colour feedback.

This is a midi mapping for the Novation Launchpad Mini MK3 for Traktor Pro 3 DJ software.
It transforms your Launchpad in to a 4 deck controller.  As the Launchpad is a button based controller I opted to leave mixer controls to an external mixer or another controller with knobs.

With this mapping you can...
  • Control all 4 decks
  • Set, delete and transform hotcues
  • Set, Resize and move loops
  • Move thru the track in multiple beat divisions without losing sync
  • Beat grid your tracks
  • Control all 4 FX decks
  • Set master tempo 
  • Various other utility functions
This is essentially and update to the original TraktorPad mapping from 2013. The original video for that is viewable here:

NB: To activate the mapping you need to enter Programmer mode on the Launchpad
Hold the session button down until the LED screen appears 
Press the Orange scene 8 button
Wait for scrolling text to finish
Press the scene button
If nothing appears tap the session button
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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