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0Notice S4 Jog Fx

Description and Instructions

This mapping only uses the Left Jog Wheel.

The way this works is a S4 setting, Using the Load button to turn on Jog Fx Mode. The Mode light on Fx unit one and the left Load button signify Jog mode, BOTH must be on. 

In this mode the Fx Unit one buttons apply the Fx to different decks, allowing you to assign the Fx to all decks quickly. 

The Browse Encoder is used to scroll through different Fx, 14 of them. By default the initial mode is 0, the mode of "nothingnessness" In this Jog Fx, you guessed it does nothing! You have to scroll over to 1-14. Pushing the Browse Encoder loads the selected Fx into the First two Fx units getting rid of the need to push the jog wheel once to load the Fx. 

The Fx Unit two lights show what Fx you are on. To figure out what one you are on use the lights; They are organized using the binary system. The Unit on button indicates round one or two of the seven selections. Button one has a value of one, two has a value of two and three has a value of four. Add em' up and BAM! 

Currently I have only mapped six Fx but I plan to add more.

1: Ean Golden Filter Delay Edit

2: Icy Sweep

3: Transpose Filter

4: Digital LFO

5: Drama Sweep

6: Echo Gate

More are on the way!
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Comments for v0.2.0
MY S3L3CTOR about 6 years ago
Hey 0notice i love the ease of this setup i feel its best one on here at djtt. Can you help me with just a few issues please. Being that i play many genres of music some of the effects dont work so well with different genres. Can you teach me what to look for in the encoding so i can make copies of this mapping set with other effects and dry wet amounts? This would be extremely helpful to me. Thanks buddy.
0notice about 6 years ago

Absolutely! Find me on the forums and PM me. The work around I have in mind would be using the remanning modifiers to add FX!

Comments for v0.2.0
There are no comments for this version yet! Why don't you be the first.
Comments for v0.2.0
There are no comments for this version yet! Why don't you be the first.