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DDJ-400 TRAKTOR 3 MAPPINGS 2022 V1 (Stefan edit)

Description and Instructions

For the "RELOOP" function to work properly, you need to set the "CUP" function to "instant".
For this you got to go to preferences >>> transport >>> cue play (cup) mode - set to instant
As shown in the picture - everything that is written works!
The main FX section... it is what it is ! Since controllers for traktor have 4 knobs for fx, I can't find another better way to map this section. BEAT function buttons controls the 3rd knob on the fx which is usually the interval, but is not an accurate one. I can't do more since there is no other available knob!

Sampler section of the pads and shift functions are not mapped, at least not now ! So there are 5 pad modes still free if you wanna experiment. I'll let you descover what is in FX PAD mode 1 and 2... :) I hope you'll like it !!! FX PAD 2 are more agressive, but depending of your style, you may like it. Also I like to be able to desactivate the mixer fx so I have the fx tail. So CUE buttons are activated with shift, while normal operation is filter/fx - on/off. Play button with shift have flux reverse/censor function.

Enjoy and have fun !
Cheers !

Iceman the Dj
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