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Roland DJ-202 Traktor mapping by pipegama

Description and Instructions

Complete mapping, as I have been able to, for 4 independent decks with LEDs.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.0.2
angel about 1 month ago
work fine
Santiago 2 months ago
Thank you for the mapping. I'm having a problem with the controller, when I touch the jog wheel on B channel, or the pitch fader on same channel, it starts playing the A track (holding mode). I've tried changing the whole mapping, also editing the play/pause command, or any jog command, but the problem keeps happening. In Serato it works with no problem, but I really want to keep playing with Traktor. Do you have any idea of what it's going on?
Gduidodowq 5 months ago
Thank you! So far so good (haven't tried every function, but the basics are on point) EDIT: Is there a way of seeking quickly trough a track? (thanks again!)
pipegama 5 months ago

The speed of jog rotation and/or search depends on whether the vinyl mode is activated or not and whether the jog is rotated from the outside or the inside. And I don't remember if I even configured the option to hold down the shift button.