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Convenient Full-Feature Mapping (CFF)

Description and Instructions

 Right four sample play buttons:
 Beatmasher combo with 4 button combo effect!, works in every      combination, resets on release (works perfectly)

 Right FX-Panel:
 Switches first FX when switching to grouped mode and back!
 (normally keeps the first effect from single mode)

 Loop recorder buttons:

 Several functions at once, all work perfectly:
 1. Size
 2. Undo
 3. Rec
 4. Play

 1. Tap:   Make Deck A focus
     Hold:  Activate Fluxmode Deck A
     Shift Tap: Keylock ON/OFF Deck A

 2. Tap:   Make Deck B focus
     Hold:  Activate Fluxmode Deck B
     Shift Tap: Keylock ON/OFF Deck B

 3. Tap:   Make Deck C focus
     Hold:  Activate Fluxmode Deck C
     Shift Tap: Keylock ON/OFF Deck C

 4. Tap:   Make Deck D focus
     Hold:  Activate Fluxmode Deck D
     Shift Tap: Keylock ON/OFF Deck D

Why keylock on/off? Don't know :) Keylock works with both shift keys. 

Why focus? When focus is assigned, the DRY/WET loop recorder knob adjusts the pitch of the respective deck!
No visual feedback for focus available since default overwrite won't allow it.

Why flux hold? You'll never forget to turn it off since LED mapping is not possible, since the default overwrite function doesn't work here as it should. Best used in combination with hotcues!

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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