2 Deck Basic Traktor Twister (foxcontrol edit)

Description and Instructions

This mapping is for basic performance with Midi Fighter Twister and Traktor.
You will need a sound card with multiple outputs to seperate your cue sends and main sends
This mapping is for the 4th bank on your Midi Fighter Twister
Some of the encoders double as button functions. You will see in the diagram below by a + symbol.

The bottom four and top encoders on your midi fighter are set to hold and encoder midi type 3fh
The 2nd row from the bottom are set to toggle
the encoders on the 3rd row for the bottom go hold, toggle, toggle, hold

I hope that made sense

Step one Load .mfs file to your twister
Step 2 Load .tfs file to your Traktor
Step 3 on your twister select bank 4
Step 4 party :)

I hope this brings you lots of fun. It also makes your rig super versatile or helps you incorporate Traktor into your performance setup or vice versa.



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