2+2 Spectra by Paddy v1

Description and Instructions


This mapping was made for Traktor 2.6.1 and is intended to use in a 2+2 layout with an external mixer or another controller handling that aspect. It is fully compatible with the Midi Fighter’s Remix mode.

The included PDF will explain in detail how to navigate this mapping.


After downloading “2+2 Spectra by Paddy v1.zip” from DJTechtools and unzipping it a folder will be created with the same name that will contain this guide and two more files: “2+2 Spectra by Paddy v1.mfs and 2+2 Spectra by Paddy v1.tsi.”

Open the Midi Fighter utility with your Spectra connected and select Tools>Alternate Firmware>Remix Deck. This will enable your device to control Traktor’s Remix Decks.

Now select File>Import Settings, browse to where you unzipped the downloaded file and select “Paddy’s 2+2 Spectra for Traktor.mfs”. This will set up your device accordingly to work with this mapping.You can now close the Midi Fighter Utility.

Open Traktor and wait until it is done loading. Open the preferences window by going to File>Preferences and press the big Import button. Now browse to the where you downloaded the mapping and load “2+2 Spectra by Paddy v1.tsi”. Press Ok in the popup window to confirm this. Now select Controller Mappings and under the Device Setup section choose “2+2 MF Spectra by Paddy” . Finally, check that the In/Out Ports are set to

“Midi Fighter Spectra”

You will find that there are four buttons glowing in your device, this indicates your Midi FIghter is in HID mode (F1 emulation). Press Left Side Button 2 to enter MIDI mode and start using this mapping. If you need information on the Spectra’s HID mode go to DJ Techtools Forums.

Note: Changing the side buttons’ order will break this mapping so avoid it to prevent losing functionality: If that is the case, reload the .mfs file.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.