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Denon DJ LC6000 Prime Traktor Mapping

Description and Instructions

Hi there,

As I'm really eager to use the LC6000 Prime controller with Traktor and wasn't able to find any existing mappings for it, I decided to create one on my own.

The mapping itself should be quite self explanatory - but if you still want to look something up just have a look at the actual mapping in the controller manager as I put some comments on the individual commands. If this isn't helping you, just put a comment here.

One thing that might be worth mentioning is that I decided to only go for the Hot Cue mode as I'm not really using anything else and modifiers were running out.. The controller wasn't designed to be used with layers, however, I decided to put a switch for deck A/C or B/D (depending on which pair you picked over Deck Select*) so you can actually make use of all four decks of Traktor.

*press SHIFT + SLIP (Deck Select) to enter deck selection mode. You can now choose your main deck (A/B/C/D) by using the first four performance pads.

Greetings from Germany
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Comments for v1.1.0
Billy 3 months ago
Hi, Mapping is not working in pro3. Any updates or fixes would be appreciated
niceszett 2 months ago

Could you describe a little more precise what exactly is not working for you? I'm using Traktor Pro 3 as well and have no issues as well.

Iceman the Dj 3 months ago
Hi again. 😁 Question : what actually happens when one select deck via SHIFT+SLIP? How traktor know if i have 4 controllers witch one is controlling deck a and witch one controls deck b, c and d? Thanks!
niceszett 2 months ago

Hi there! It's done by making use of Traktor's built-in modifiers. As soon as you select a deck a modifier's state will be changed from 0 to 3, according to either deck A, B, C or D.

Andres Malagon 5 months ago
Tamás Palánszky 5 months ago
Hi NiceSzett, I would like to know if LC6000 supports the HID mode to Traktor? So scratch is working? And if I rotate the jog, is it works well like other jogs, or only a pitch band? Thank you very much!
niceszett 4 months ago

Hi there, sorry I'm not regularly checking the comments in here. There's definitely no HID integration in Traktor yet, and will maybe never be (because Denon teamed up with Serato). However, this doesn't mean that the jogwheels aren't working. It's still possible to use regular MIDI data in order to make use of them. While this is definitely not as precise as HID, for my needs (beatmatching, pitchbending) this is more than suitable. If you're more into scratch-oriented genres like e.g. Hip-Hop, you might notice a lack of precision.

Dj Cryzzy 5 months ago
Hallo Niceszett ... kannst Du mir nur kurz erklären, wie ich das Deck B aktivieren kann. Das Deck A aus C zu wechseln war einfach nur die Tasten für den Wechsel auf B kann ich nicht finden bzw. hebe es nicht herausfinden können. Ansonsten ist das Mapping eine glatte 1. Es ist einfach nur super gut gemacht. Viele Dank und großes Lob dafür. Liebe Grüße Chris
niceszett 5 months ago

Sorry, I thought this would've been clear since it works exactly like in Serato - just press SHIFT + SLIP (Deck Select) to enter deck selection mode. You can now choose your main deck (A/B/C/D) by using the first four performance pads. Hope this helps!

Dj Cryzzy 5 months ago

Thanks for answered ... yes, it is so easy .... now it works. Great Job .... Toppppp!!