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Rekordbox DJ with a Novation Launchkey 49

Description and Instructions

Track L / R: Load deck 1 / 2

Pad up / down: Browse up / down

Use drum pads mode for the correct MIDI codes.

Pad row 1: Deck 1
Pad row 2: Deck 2

(Pads are play/pause, hotkeys A-E, beatjump, track search back)

Slider 1: Deck 1 level
Slider 2: Deck 2 level
Slider 3: Deck 1 tempo
Slider 4: Deck 2 tempo
Slider 8: Crossfade
Slider 9: Master level

Knob 1-4: Deck 1 EQ
Knob 5-8: Deck 2 EQ
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