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PaullyRot's Mapping

Description and Instructions

  • Traktor Mapping for Roland DJ202 (2deck)
  • Shift/sync- Master Deck
  • Key lock/range- Active Loop on/off
  • Shift/Cue/Tap- Beat Tap
  • Level/Beats Knob- Controls FX Units and Mixer FX Adjustments
  • Shift/Level/Beats Knob- Controls FX Units Adjustments
  • Shift/FX Select 1,2,3- Effect Select
  • Tap/FX Mode- Mixer Effect on/off
  • Sampler Level Knob-Dry/Wet Knob
  • Sampler Cue- Master Selector
  • Vinyl/Slip-Flux on/off
  • Deck3 Button-Flux Reverse
  • Deck4 Button-Flux Reverse
  • Param (+/-) - Adjust Beat Grid
  • Shift/Param (+/-)- Key Adjust
  • Sync on/off Button (Sequencer)- Tree Select/Expand
  • Shift/Tap/FX Mode- Favorites
  • Shift/Load- Select Page up/down
  • Back Knob (Top Center Knob)- List Select
  • Shift Back Knob (Top Center Knob)- Tree List Select
  • Hot Cue Pads Top Row- Hot Cue 1,2,3,4
  • Hot Cue Pads Bottom Row- Loop 4,8,16,32
  • Shift Hot Cue Pads Top Row- Hot Cue 5,6,7,8
  • Shift Hot Cue Bottom Row- Backward Loop 4,8,16,32
  • Loop Pads- Loops 1/4,1/2,1,2, 4,8,1,32
  • Sampler/Slicer Pads- Pads- 1,5 FX Select 1,Pads 2,6 FX Select 2, Pads 3,7 FX Select 3, Pads 4,8 Mixer FX Select
  • Sequencer/Pattern- Roland Drum Machine
  • Jog wheel works-top for scratching, side for track adjustments
  • Shift Level Beat Knob- FX Unit Adjustment
  • Level/Beats Knob- FX Unit and Mixer FX Adjustments
  • All other controls are pretty common.
  • Lights Turn On with- FX Select, Active Loop, Play/Pause, Cue/Play, Flux, Cue.
  • NOTES-.In Version 4 i swapped the Level/Beats Knobs around with Shift. That's the only difference.
  • I removed the Mixer FX Selector from Shift Level Beats Knob, These Knobs now control FX Units and Mixer FX adjustments I removed Loop Size Selector from Shift Parameters and replaced it with Key Adjust. The Sync Buttons Stay Lighted Up, I could not get them to work with the Sync on and off. I made some pads light up with there Banks.
  • Enjoy This, Let Me Know If you Have Questions, Suggestions, or If You Know How to Get the Sync Button Lights to Turn on/off.
  • Thank You All.
  • PaullyRot Noxious (Rocking the Decks Over 25yrs)
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