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Kontrol S2 MK3 - Colourful 4 Deck Mapping Beta

Description and Instructions

Kontrol S2 MK3 - Colourful 4 Deck Mapping Beta

Designed for S2 MK3 owners that are not pure DJ's but that say "I mix occasionally", that don't want 40 different pad modes, slots, slices, triggers etc. That enjoy just looking cool and having fun mixing 4 decks with the controllers lights flashing etc around the boys at a small party and enjoy free mixing your music alone getting hyped over mixing 4 tunes at once and it sounding good, that actually like the fact they aren't in it serious enough to get the S4.

It's not an industry leading controller but a low budget "hobby spec" modern design, materials and size that people overestimate the price tag and Traktor KNOWS it noticeably with the MK3 built restricted. So I've leaned into these thoughts to get the most potential fun and cool factor.


  • A/C and B/D Switching (A/D, C/B, A/B, C/D can be active)

  • Variable Coloured Pads (Pleasing, Clean, Stable)

  • Each Deck Having Its Own Colour Setup

  • Sync LED's Inverted (so an annoying guy or girl whos bf mixes doesn't see it active and make it a big deal in front of everyone)

  • Simple Control for Mixing Four Decks (Do More With Less)

  • All 16 Pads Add ins Left Alone for Your Desired Set Up

  • Smart LED Blinking with Multiple Colours

  • Smart Track Ending Warnings
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