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Reloop Elite Traktor Mapping

Description and Instructions


This is a workaround for using the Reloop Elite with N.I. Traktor 3.x.
This workaround involves 2 Softwares. Serato DJ Pro and Traktor.
So you have to open Serato, configure it, minimize it and then open Traktor and load the custom mapping.
It works great!!
Just configure Serato and Traktor as the images contained in the mapping file.
I have tested it many hours without any downsides having Serato and Traktor running at the same time.
In fact, you are using the FX of serato (line fader and crossfader Post FX) and the rest is going to be managed by Traktor.

Ive test it with my anscient Lenovo X220T (i5 2520M), Windows 10 and it works great, good latency, no drops or anything.

Ive done a video with usage details. :D

Keep Spinning!!!
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