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Mapping 2021

Description and Instructions

First of all change in"Preferences" -Audio Setup to Numark Mixtrack Platinum  /  2 : in Output Routing  : Mixing Mode click "Internal"  and "Output Monitor " : L -: 3:Speakers out 2  /  R : 4:Speakers Out 3 /    Output Master L: Speakers out 0 / R : Speakers out 1.
Play ,Cue ,channels,crossfader  ,Filter ,Load buttons , Gains ,Filters, Sync ,Headphones ,Master & Cue Mix ,Pitch Bends function almost perfect in Traktor 3 . Others functions like effects  ,loops etc doesn't work(you still can use those functions manually  by mouse or touchpad )  your comments will be appreciated :-)
                          Good Luck ! God Bless  !
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