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DJ Rex FX Unit Overhaul

Description and Instructions

DJ Rex FX Unit Overhaul

This mapping was designed to be used with a 2 Deck configuration (A, B) and optional Remix decks/mic on Decks C and D.
This mapping makes 3 major changes to the standard Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 mapping:

1. BeatMasher

The manual loop buttons are mapped to the BeatMasher FX. Hit the "IN" button to get a 1/2 bar loop, and the "OUT" button to get a 1/4 bar loop. The Beat Masher must be in slot 1 on FX Unit 1 (2 for Deck B).

2. Filter

The Filter is now on the knob for the 1. FX. I don't liked the "steps" on the original filter knob so I remapped it. The original filter knob only controls gain. The First FX is mapped to the BeatMasher, so the knob is not used anyway.

3. FX Units

FX Units 1 and 3 are for Deck A. FX Units 2 and 4 are for Deck B. The FX Units 3 and 4 provide a EchoFreeze FX. This FX can be triggered with a single button. This is the button for the first FX on both Decks.

The FX Unit selector buttons (the ones under the gain knobs) do no longer switch FX units for the Decks. They are used to switch between two presets for the FX Unit 1 (or FX Unit 2 respectively). 

Preset 1 consists of: BeatMasher, DarkMatter, WormHole

Preset 2 consists of: BeatMasher, Gatter, Filter Pulse

All LEDs are also mapped accordingly.
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