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One page Master for ableton 10 and 11

Description and Instructions

Knob parameters:
Knobs from 1 to 12 Control Device Parameters
Knob 13 & 14 Control Session Box Navigation
Knob 15 Track Highlight Navigation
Knob 16 Device Navigation

Button parameters
Button 1 to 12 Record/Stop/Play Slots
Buton 13 Solo track Selected
Button 14 Mute Track Selected
Button 15 Arm Track Selected
Device Selected ON/OFF
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Sibylle Friz 10 months ago
Hi Roger, I am very much interested in this mapping for ableton 11. How is your update going on? I really appreciate your work! Thanks , Sibylle
Roger 10 months ago

works perfectly with ableton 10 and 11 :)

Sibylle Friz 10 months ago

This is good news! And now....? How can I install the mapping? Drag into Ableton remote scripts? Thanks, Sibylle

Roger 10 months ago

Yes!! you have to drag and drop "twister_one_page_master Live X" in remote scripts it depends of what ableton do you use. and install "One page master default.mfs" on midi fighter utility thats important to :)

everst 9 months ago

Hi, I copied the whole directory: twister_one_page_master Live 11 to MIDI Remote Scripts. In ableton I set twister_page ... for midifighter. I checked track, sync, remote on in and out midi ports. But it still doesn't work for me, I uploaded mfs.

john hanes 11 months ago
where does twister_one_page_master.json go?
Roger 11 months ago

if you want replicate this mapping on control surface studio :)

john hanes 11 months ago

ah. thanks!

Nathan Jenkins 11 months ago
Thanks Roger! Do you have any information about how to update these mappings for Live 11? Live support said that its an update from python 2 -> python 3. I looked at the code and there are major updates to the live 11 object model. So much so that I couldn't figure out how to migrate the Remote Script I have been using. Any advice on this subject? I would love to be able to continue using this MIDI Remote script with Ableton Live 11. https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/8832
Roger 11 months ago

I tried update gtroll python 2 to 3 but it doesn't work. but Actualy i'm working on an update for the amazing gtroll for ableton 11 give me a week :)

Stewe 11 months ago
Thanks for sharing your work. Looks great!
Roger 11 months ago

thanks! :) if you have a request mapping go ahead!