Traktor Pro 2 map for Sample Decks and 2 bank Effects (3 & 4)

Description and Instructions

- Bank 1
Buttons activate and deactivate the sample deck (left deck the deck C while the right deck the deck D)
Knobs adjust the volume
- Bank 2
Buttons control the effects 3-4 in advanced mode (left effect 3, right effect 4)
Knobs their values ​​effect
- Bank 3
Buttons 3-4 to assign the effects deck AB (first 4) and activate the filter and Key always on deck AB (the last 4)
Knobs control the filter value and Key on deck AB (before 4 ... other unassigned)
- Bank 4
Buttons control loop sets (values ​​1,2,3,4) (left deck A, deck B right)
Knobs are not assigned

For sure, this map work perfectly with Traktor Pro till version 2.1.3... from 2.5 can't work correctly!!!
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