Traktor Quattro Bueno

Description and Instructions

Ok, so the mapping is pretty straight forward according to what all the knobs and buttons are labeled as. The Library knob scrolls the window, if you hold shift it will scroll the tree, if you click it while holding shift you can open or collapse folders.  Clicking this know without shift will load the selected track into the currently selected deck. The loop / roll knob works the same as it would in serato, so click for loops, scroll for size, shift click for a loop roll or flux mode as traktor calls it. The pads start at the top left at 1 and go down to 4 then start back at 5 in the top right again. So, buttons 1-8 work as hot cutes, hold shift to delete.

If you hold shift and push the "cues" button to bring up the secondary "transport controls" then I have those mapped just how they would work in serato as well. They would really only come in handy if you were using this as a stand alone controller without a control surface, which you could absolutely do easily. So, with the transport controls on, you now have access to the first 4 cues as usual but you also have pitch bend controls on pads 5 and 6, a cue button on pad 7 and pad 8 is play/pause.  With version 1.0.2 I have added secondary tempo adjust controls.  Holding shift and tapping a pitch bend button will allow you to either increase or decrease the tempo.  If you hold shift and tap the Cue button it will reset the tempo adjustment to 0%.

Next to the cues button is a button labeled "sampler" to control the sample bank in serato. I couldn't figure out how to use this one at all so it does nothing. However, if you hold shift and push it you get the "user" controls which just turns all 8 buttons yellow. I used these in pairs like so:

Pad 1 - beat jumps back 1 beat --- Pad 5 beat jumps forward 1 beat

Pad 2 - beat jumps back 4 beats / 1 bar --- Pad 6 beat jumps forward 4 beats / 1 bar

Pad 3 - beat jumps back 16 beats / 4 bars -- Pad 7 beat jumps forward 16 beats / 4 bars

Pad 4 will jump to the search bar, if you hold shift it will clear the search bar

Pad 8 toggles library view

These user controls are the same for all 4 channels

The sync button works as sync, however if you push shift and sync it will toggle being the master track for whichever channel you have selected.

I have the cue points color coded to blue for 1 and 2, green for 3 and 4. I spent a lot of time with the Numark 4 trak and that’s how they are color coded on there so I kinda just got used to it. It also helps me know at a glance which of the 2 channels is selected with the switch up top.

Thanks to bascurtiz for making the instructional video for this mapping, the graphic below and for solving the problems with the pad 8 hot cue.

If you find any misbehaving buttons or led feedback please let me know and I will fix it and upload a new version.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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