M-Audio Torq Xponent Full LED control + Jog FX control mode

Description and Instructions

Hello all Home DJ's! Do you know about Traktor Kontrol S4 JOG wheel FX control mode? Now it is on my moded.TSI file. If you want turn FX mode, turn on finger button near JOG. In FX mode ir you touch JOG all 3 effects group on and then you turn jog left or right you contro all 3l FX dry/wet. If you touch in FX mode just JOG corner, FX don't on, just you can control 3 FX unit wet/dry. For A deck FX unit 1, for B dect FX unit 2.

Download ir and try!

P.S. sorry for mistakes in english..
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Comments for v2.6.0
Samuel Sarinho(BRA) over 5 years ago
The mapper does not work for me until I tried to do the mapping function by pressing the lock and hot cue 2 on the left side but still did not work mapping. : (