Launchpad Mixer

Description and Instructions

basically a very simple mixer
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Comments for v0.1.0
Diabolic Element over 3 years ago
Hey man! Awesome Mapping! I do use it a lot... I have a request tough. Could you make a tutorial explaining how to map the launchpad in Traktor?
brennan over 4 years ago
Dude awesome mapping, fits my setup perfectly, thanks!
dylan fulton over 4 years ago
its not working for me !
Seth over 4 years ago
why wont my version of traktor support this mapping?
AndyCrew over 4 years ago

Yeaa !! i have the same problem, very avewsome mapping. Help !!!

AndyCrew over 4 years ago

Sorry for previously, fixed the problem by easy mapping this sutep whit Traktor Pro !!! before tried whit Traktor scratch pro. so it was easy. BIG Thank To the big Man for this awesome mapping, peace, hug, and Big love bro !!;))

Johnny g over 4 years ago
Hey! Really like the mapping - thank you. Would there be any chance of an identical mapping without the effects added? I cant seem to figure out how to properly edit it :) Thanks