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STEM mixing settings for S2 MK3 and X1 MK1

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Description and Instructions

Hi all,

this is a mapping for mixing stem with the S2 MK3 in combination with X1 MK1.

All mappings are for Deck A and B only.


Please note you have to convert your MP3 upfront to stem format - traktor pro software is not capable of live stem’ing.


There is software available doing it: I’ve been using NUO-STEMS.


Mapping changes on S2 MK3:

Deck A

- knob FX volume mapped to stem volume other

- knob LOW volume mapped to stem volume bass

- knob MID volume mapped to stem volume drum

- knob HIGH volume mapped to stem volume vocals

Deck B

- same as Deck A but for Deck B


Mapping changes on X1 MK1

Note upfront: if the CUE/REL button is lit, you have to map it manually. Than map LED so thats it turned of.

- ALL factory setting deleted

Left side (right side accordingly)

- knob 1 mapped to volume equalizer HIGH

- button 1 mapped to HIGH kill (lit when killed)

- knob 2 mapped to volume equalizer MID

- button 2 mapped to MID kill (lit when killed)

- knob 3 mapped to volume equalizer LOW

- button 3 mapped to LOW kill (lit when killed)


- button IN mapped to kill stem vocal

- button OUT mapped to activate stem vocal

- both buttons go lit and off according to stem state

- button <BEAT mapped to kill stem drum

- button BEAT> mapped to activate stem drum

- button CUE/REL mapped to kill stem bass

- button CUP/ABS mapped to activate stem bass

- both buttons go lit and off according to stem state (not working if lit procedure mentioned above not done)

- button PLAY mapped to kill stem other

- button SYNC mapped to activate stem other

- both buttons go lit and off according to stem state


Enjoy stem mixing. It give really great fun, f**** lots of opportunities and will be the future of DJ mixing.





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