vms 4 mapping

Description and Instructions

here is my mapping for the vms.
The audio settings are for the asio driver. And i included a screenshot for the asio driver settings.

i am not going to explain how the mapping works becouse its very simple and straight forward.

there is a pdf that explains every button.

have fun! and if you have any questions just ask!

greetings patrick reynaert.

download link:

AND YES! you can turn off the lights responding to the music with the effect button on your left hand side.
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Comments for v0.2.0
snapnsound about 5 years ago
Why is Midi 4 in the asio driver setting disabled?, when I toggle the left fx select button nothing happens? what am I doing wrong or is there a problem with the mapping?
djreynaert about 5 years ago

the left fx select button should turn on the eq flashing lights of all the lights in your vms. and i have turned of midi 4 becouse i always use an cd player or mp3 player as a backup just in case the pc fails. haha you dont want the music to stop if you get a error in traktor haha. but the select butten isnt turning on the flashing lights part???

snapnsound about 5 years ago

Realised mistake, I've downloaded 0.1.0 doh my bad.

snapnsound about 5 years ago

I've now DL'd 0.2.0 and the eq effect still doesn't enable when toggling select?

djreynaert almost 5 years ago

sorry for the late reaction. ill look into that today!