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Remix Deck D with Step Sequencer (ayzakgovea edit)

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Description and Instructions

This mapping has a fully functional step sequencer for Remix Deck D that can get you started building a mapping around the Step Sequencer.  Its main features are:

  • 16 step sequencer
  • Volume Level Adjust
  • Pattern Size Adjust
  • Mute Slots 1-4
  • Encoder browsing and scrolling
  • Finger drum with the 16 pads
  •  and more
One of the nice things about this mapping is the fact that it takes advantage of the display screens and it focuses on the Remix Deck only. I have other controllers to handle Decks, A, B, and C so I did not need to map all of Traktor to Maschine.  

Anyway, I did not use PAD pages (only Knob Pages) so there is plenty of room to grow in case you want to expand on it.  By the way, I have another more advanced version of this mapping on my website ( http://ayxzak.wixsite.com/mk3map ) or if you're into the Remix Deck and Step Sequencer inside of Traktor check it out; they are FREE.  I've also posted a couple of short videos showcasing them.  I hope this helps someone. 

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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