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Simple Traktor Twister

Description and Instructions

This mapping is inspired by all-rotary DJ mixers. Everything is in one bank. It's mean to keep things simple, easy to remember, and intuitive for those used to DJing through an external mixer.

  • The columns from left to right are decks A through D.
  • Rows
    • Row 1
      • Encoder: Adjust deck gain
      • Button: Load selected track in browser
    • Row 2
      • Encoder: Adjust deck FX (eg, filter)
      • Button: Toggle FX on/off
    • Row 3
      • Encoder: Adjust deck bass
      • Button: Toggle bass cut
    • Row 4
      • Encoder: Adjust deck volume
      • Button: Play
  • Side buttons:
    • Top left: Browser select up
    • Top right: Browser select down
    • Middle left: Master clock tempo down (fine)
    • Middle right: Master clock tempo up (fine)
    • Bottom left: Load selected browser track into preview player
    • Bottom right: Play/pause preview player
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Comments for v0.0.1
AlMagnifico almost 2 years ago
Do you really want to control the browser selection with the side buttons? You'll have sore fingers at the end of the evening :)
Stephen Schieberl almost 2 years ago

I did a six hour session on this a couple weeks back and didn't notice anything with my fingers. It repeats when you hold it down (ie, scrolls when you hold it). I found it really easy to control the browsing and previewing with the side buttons, even after way too many drinks. ;) The idea is to make the controller work like a rotary mixer. The A&H V6 is the specific inspiration. I just realized I have an update of this where the bottom and middle side button functions have been swapped. Feels more natural since it groups the browsing/previewing and makes accidental tempo changes less likely.