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Essai Mapping XONE 4D with Traktor

Description and Instructions

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Comments for v0.1.0
dj wo k 3 months ago
Hi suggest for this mapping ... if i can :) -make "play pause" in revers and the sync at same buton as"direct" -on the jog you can make browser with "modifié" ?=0 + "move grid marker" like that: move grid marker deckA modifié 1=1 move grid marker deckB modifié 1=2 move grid marker deckCmodifié 1=3 move grid marker deckDmodifié 1=4 browser=modifié=0 +jog turn same as move grid marker with the second jog (modifié is good on the red buton ,play pause sync also on the 4 others .. ) 1 Fx per decks fx1 deckA ,Fx2 deckB etc ... on the 4 X2 rotary on top of the 4D ,4 for Loop ,4 for load and moving on the playlist hug ;)
emiliano 3 months ago
file have nothing inside
Stewe 3 months ago

Delete S4 MK2 mapping if you don't need it. The "Generic MIDI" is your actual A&H mapping for Traktor.