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Djay Pro AI - Traktor S8 (Stems support)

Description and Instructions

Here's a MIDI map for having your S8 used along the latest version of Djay Pro AI. Please note that it can easily be modified through the Djay MIDI Settings, and S8 screen names can be renamed on the NI Controller Editor app by modifying the template I provide.

It features:
  • Mixer
    • Gain
    • FX1 & FX2 Assign (Note: Shift + FX1 or FX2 won't enable FX3, because on the Mixer, no different MIDI signal is sent when pressing Shift + FX Assign Buttons)
    • High
    • Mid
    • Low
    • Filter (Note: Filter On/Off + LEDs can't be MIDI Mapped, they don't work at all, but the LEDs will toggle On/Off by default when pressed)
    • Volume Fader (Note: Volume Meters not working)
  • Browse Controls
    • Browse List (Mixer Tempo Encoder)
    • Toggle Browser View (Mixer Tempo Encoder Push)
    • Load to Deck X (Push Browse Encoder)
  • Tempo Controls
    • Tempo (Browse Encoder)
    • Tempo Slow (Shift + Browse Encoder)
    • Tempo Reset (Back)
  • RGB Hotcue Pads
    • Set Hotcue (Pads)
    • Delete Hotcue (Shift + Pads)
  • Stems Controls (Vocals, Harmonics, Drums)
    • Volume Faders (Performance Faders)
    • Mute Stem (Performance Buttons)
    • Solo Stem (Shift + Performance Buttons)
  • FX1 & FX2 Controls
    • Note: They affect the 4 channels (modify all channels FX Parameters), but they can be enabled on each channel through the Mixer FX Assign buttons
    • FX Amount (FX Knob 1)
    • FX Wet/Dry (FX Knob 2)
  • Global Instan FX
    • Note: They work independently of the FX1, FX2 & FX3.
    • iFX A (FX Button 1)
    • iFX B (FX Button 2)
    • iFX C (FX Button 3)
    • iFX D (FX Button 4)
  • iFX Controls
    • iFX1 (Touch Performance Knob 1)
    • iFX2 (Touch Performance Knob 2)
    • iFX3 (Touch Performance Knob 3)
    • iFX5 (Shift + Touch Performance Knob 1)
    • iFX6 (Shift + Touch Performance Knob 2)
    • iFX7 (Shift + Touch Performance Knob 3)
  • Key features
    • Adjust Key (Turn Performance Knob 4)
    • Reset Key (Press Performance Button 4)
    • Match Key (Press Shift +Performance Button 4)
  • Touchstrip
    • Pitchbend is "supported" (may not work great, but it works) and sensibilty and direction can be adjusted from the MIDI settings on Djay. (Note: LEDs don't work)
    • Song Position (Shift + Touchstrip) (Note: LEDs don't show the current position of the track, but they show where you have touched for the last time, which may be useful because LEDs respond "lice" and you can get an idea of where you will be placing the playmarker, if moved)
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