APC40 Mk2 Stem Decks

Description and Instructions

APC40 Quad-Deck Stem Control

after thee times, im giving up on formatting this, its just horrible. If it looks like shit, don't blame it one me, its the software

Why the APC40 mk2 in 2020?  
Many DJs don't just spin music, but also make some. The advantage of an APC 40 mk2 over two F1's is that its a very flexible controller, not just for DJing but also in a studio setting. Since I'm not a fan of the other mapping I found, I made one myself. 

Right now, there's no manual or how-to, but the mapping is actually very well documented through the comments.  

  • control 2 Stem-Decks at once  
  • mapped all four decks: switch between c/a and d/b  
  • Mixer EQ + Gain for all four decks  
  • toggle sync and set tempo master  
  • browse and load to deck a/b/c/d  
  • Cue Mix and Headphone Volume  
  • all knob LED readouts are working and updating  
  • master VU-Meter  

Deck Control  
  • Stem Channel Volume  
  • Submix: FX Amount and Toggle, Filter Knob and Toggle  
  • Loop In/Out, Loop length x0.5/x2  
  • Colored Hotcues (although not the exact traktor ones, thats too much work for too less use)  

Before it can be used,   
1. be sure to close ALL programs that receive midi,   
2. open Ableton,   
3. connect your APC   
4. wait for Ableton to put the APC into Ableton mode (you'll see some led changes)  
5. now close Ableton and Start Traktor  

The mapping will not work without the APC being in Ableton mode.  
Do not disconnect the APC, if you do it'll switch into the standard mode, which does not support the features of this mapping and will break it.  

  • Video Showcase/Manual  
  • FX Section (split up into s seperate file because its still sometimes buggy)  
  • -empo Adjustments  

Additional notes  
The mapping took me a few DAYS to do, and would have taken WEEKS without CMDR, open source software. So of course Im not selling this, because this was only possible thanks to the awesome Traktor community.
Still, if you use it in a commercial setting, I'd fancy a small tip towards CMDR and myself.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.5.0
Anton Daynam 4 months ago
The mapping is great and thank you so much! The only issue that I find is that the buttons for the on/off fx are not working properly. Usually I have them on and I manage them from the knobs above the buttons pressing the sends button.