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Simply Effective 2+4 Deck Controller (Android+Apple)

Description and Instructions

This is my Design for TouchOSC with Traktor Pro Mapping.
This Has Been Tested and Is Working On Android 4.1.1
on a 7" Tablet whilst using Traktor Pro 2.6.0. I have not Tested it On Apple Products But Should Work.

What this Mapping Features:

  • Loop In
  • Loop Out
  • CUP (Cue  play)
  • Play/Pause
  • X-Fader Position
  • Select/Set+Store Hotcue
  • Volume Adjust
  • Master Out Volume Indicator (L+R)
  • FX Button 1 (On/Off)
  • FX Knob 1 Adjust
  • EQ Low Adjust
  • FX Button 2 (On/Off)
  • FX Knob 2 Adjust
  • EQ Medium Adjust
  • Load Selected
  • Select Up  (Browser List)
  • Select Down  (Browser List)
  • Button 3 (On/Off)
  • FX Knob 3 Adjust
  • EQ High Adjust
  • Shift (Hold down whilst pressing Stored Hotcue points to remove them) 
  • Browser On/Off
  • Select Deck A+B
  • Select Deck C+D
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
alexis about 8 years ago
looks nice but what about headphones/ cue monitor? add it and will be great!! thanks!!
slider_037 almost 10 years ago
pretty cool, main features! you keep it simple, great layout, thanks for sharing :)