The Last Mapping

Description and Instructions

This mapping only works with VCI-100 FW1.4 and Traktor 1.2.7!

Let me know about suggestions, bugs and ideas.


- Removed gain knobs added Superknobs

- FX Type via only Shift (M7=1) & LFO reset via FXTypeButton (M7=0)

- changed Play to CuP removed RePlay via Shift

- Removed Deck C & D - added 16 JogFX

- removed midi controls for older firmwares

- removed loop section - added controls for FXUnit4

- some LED changes

- added 2 IntantFX

- added quick Route FXUnit to Deck

- rearranged FaderFX Presets 

- added quick FX route to FXUnit

- changed BeatSlicer activate

- changed some Browser functionality

- changed Cruise, AppendToPrep, open folder to FXPresets

- removed Scratch/SeekTrack

TheLast Mapping beta v2.1.0


VCI-100 FW1.4

- smoother JogFX SWITCH: in each JogFX modifier you can switch     between two JogFX via toggling JogSHIFT (former ScratchON) NEW: after switching move the outer jog wheel to load FX preset. so you don´t have to double tap the jog!

-LED changes

-Slicer turns off when releasing slice buttons 


- added DJ Shifty´s MicroLoppWhobbler functionality

    for Deck A on 9/0 

    for Deck B on o/p

- added MicroLoppWhobblerFX

    for Deck A holding cntrl while hitting 9 activates

holding cntrl while hitting 0 deactivates

    for Deck B holding cntrl while hitting o activates

holding cntrl while hitting p deactivates

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