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Traktor Pro 3 Mapping for Pioneer XDJ-RX2

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Description and Instructions

Hi Guys, i though I'll share this with you works perfectly fine for me. 
To be used in XDJ RX2 mode (not Midi mode) 

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v3.2.1
Moo 3 months ago
Thanks a lot for the mapping I managed to get the sound through the mixer by using external sound card and 2 input for each channel most of the functions works except the FX could you please share more information about how to make the setup correctly. Thanks again
dariodelima 4 months ago
Anyone had a go on this mapping yet? Possible to give a little more info on the mapping and its set up? does one need to use it with the RX2 in mixer mode "XDJ-RX2"?