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Rane Seventy-Two Mapping with Pitch Play

Description and Instructions

Mapping for the New Seventy-Two MKII

With Rekordbox, all Cue, Autoloop, Roll, Sampler, and Slider Modes require (Shift Button+Mode).

Internal native 72 MKII buttons that work are (Pad FX and Fader FX)

Modes that are mapped:

CUE = Hot Que points

Autoloop = Various loops functions  (Parameter buttons = double or half loop)

Roll = Pitch Play which is done by the keyboard function in Rekordbox (while in Roll mode, press shift+parameter to scroll through octaves)


You can pitch play preexisting hot que points or you can set hot que points in pitch play mode if they haven't been set.

To activate:

1: Press Shift+Roll to enter pitch play.

2: Press Shift+Roll again to active que selection.

3: The pads (1-8) will start blinking white which indicates Rekordbox wants you to select which hot que point to pitch play.

4: If you don't have any hot que set on the song, press any button to set your hot que point.  Once this is set, you can press any pad (1-8) to pitch play through any octave.

5: Use the (Shift+Parameter) arrows to access additional octaves higher or lower.

FX are not mapped because I also utilize the Pioneer DDJ-XP2 with the seventy-two which natively controls all the Rekordbox effects.  Plus with this mapping, all the modes and buttons have been mapped so there is no more room.  I will have a youtube video demonstrating pitch play on the seventy-two MKII using Rekordbox soon.

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