Collision Mapping (DjRollerX Edit)

Description and Instructions

Hey everyone! First things first. C.Lab is responsible for the awesome Collision Mapping. However, when I downloaded it and began playing, I realized that I would have done some things differently. So I took his mapping and modified a few things to fit my DJ style. I want everyone to recognize a few things first.

1. C.Lab gets the credit for this mapping. All I did was modify it. He had the original idea.

2. The reason I uploaded this mapping was not to "piggy-back" on someone else's success. I found a mapping that was good, fine-tuned it for my style, and now I'm sharing the new mapping with you. If anyone else out there DJ's like me, then you won't have to do the work I did to make the Collision Mapping work for you.

That being said, enjoy, and let me know what you think!
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Comments for v0.2.0
anger almost 5 years ago
i'm having some trouble recording loops and sending them to remix decks slots. please tell me from where does it records sound
Jon Oh over 5 years ago
is there a way to set it up so I can queue decks into my headphones. I love the apc mappings, but since I can't prelisten to any of my tracks it makes everything all the more challenging.
DjRollerX over 5 years ago

Unfortunately, no. At least not without another controller or additional hardware. The APC 40 is not designed for DJ'ing, but because it is still a midi controller, it can be used with Traktor. Unfortunately, because the controller wasn't designed with Traktor in mind, there is no sound card built in. It is this sound card that would allow you to cue into headphones. You basically have two options. One, you could use a different controller that has a sound card. Understandably, many people prefer to use the APC 40 because of it's versatility, so getting another controller might not be the preferred option. Your second option is to purchase a external sound card. There are many good ones on the market. My two favorites are the Numark DJ IO, and the Traktor Audio 2. Both are priced around $100 at Guitar Center, or similar retail locations. You can also find these online under $100 new or even less for used ones. Ultimately, I tried the external sound card route and decided it wasnt for me. While I loved the flexibility of the APC 40, I more prefer to have a controller that is designed to work right and be reliable. I traded my APC 40 for a Kontrol S2 and a pair of Kontrol F1's. while the new setup may have been considerably more expensive, it is worth it to have controllers that do exactly what the Traktor software was meant to do, and to do it seamlessly.