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Mapping for DDJ 1000 (Fred225 edit)

Description and Instructions

Here is my mapping for the DDJ-1000 for Traktor software. It doesn't include the screens mapping but you can refer to DJ Pedro Estrela's one who made an amazing job for the same controller to add this specific part to mine. I forgot to mention in the presentation video that the slip reverse button is used to trigger the cruise mode and pressing shift and this button enable the reverse playback.

Here is below the link of my presentation of this mapping.

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Comments for v1.0.0
ash 12 days ago
Hey this mapping Is free?
Fred225 11 days ago

Yes it's totally free!

ash 10 days ago

Cool man,are you going to add jog screen in next update? And is traktor fx and pioneer effect works?

Fred225 10 days ago

Unfortunatly, I'm not going to implement the jog screen display (quite complicated because Traktor doesn't feature HID Mode but DJ Pedro Estrela did it with a third part software). Traktor FX work indeed (see the effects section in my video). The Pioneer effects don't work because there's no internal mode for Traktor with this controller.

ash 3 days ago

Ok cool man,also can i use 4 deck parallel mode with this mapping?