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SoundSwitch + Kontrol F1

Description and Instructions

This is my first set up for SoundSwitch DMX lighting control software which syncs via Link, MIDI Clock/Time Code, Serato, VDJ, Engine Prime, and standalone BPM control.  


Scripted Intensty

Autoloop Intensty

Strobe Rate



04/08 BlackOut

12/26   Full White 

20/24 Smoke

28/32  NULL

AutoLoop s

Banks 1-4






BeatShift <  CUE  >

Sync Offset Adjustment

BPM Adjustment 

BPM Tap (Push)

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
caleb grayson about 1 month ago
This is pre-MIDI feedback feature in SoundSwitch expected to be implemented eventually. I've used dual color LES On For MIDI OUT which flashes Lime when pressed. I set right column 04/08,12/26,20/24,28/32 to the same trigger in SS so these buttons persist across the two pages accessed by SHIFT. the NULL is just a Static Look on PRESS with nothing selected. this is a universal OFF for Static Looks that allow the AutoLoops and Scripts resume. BPM Encoder can be trend to change BPM in 1 beat increments and tapped to force tap tempo. Sync Offset Adjustment is for if your lights are slimly ahead or behind the beat due to wireless DMX latency etc. i use SoundSwitch with Traktor on MIDI Clock Sync mode so that I can continue to use AUTO MASTER (which doesn't work on Link) and so the < CUE > buttons are nice to have to adjust in whole beats as MIDI Clock sync is just tempo and not phrase like Link offers.
caleb grayson about 1 month ago
you can send your BPM data to the 7seg LED to get BPMs from 0-127. it doesn't go higher. i set it up in Traktor as a MIDI Send and then match the range limit to 40-127 as Traktor doesn't go below 40 and the F1 won't go above 127. this map basically has all controls persist except the Static Looks(scenes). use SHIFT to change from Statics first half to second half while al other buttons are duplicated.