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instant FX mapping

Description and Instructions

Just got these guys, and the mapping didn't work with TP3, so I went and made one up. USB is connected to the right hand unit, Left controls Deck A, Right is Deck B in this manner.

Note on the FX

The Instant gratification ones are a layered type effect that evolve over a few bars. you will need to call button #4 twice to engage the filter on this layered effect, as it takes the place of the 100% beatmasher in the FX slot.

Button #5 will evolve faster than the series of FX on #4, and will lock in at a wet/dry of around 75% when released. You will need to press the button again to release this effect. the light on #5 will stay illuminated red while the effect is running as a reminder.

As it sits now it's pretty solid, and has the main items I wanted. I will add more effects as I think of them, and try to sort out how to switch it if you plug the USB into the left unit so it will still match up with the proper decks.

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